In order to be identified by the system, each weapon or piece of equipment must be fitted with an RFID tag.

The RFID tag contains a unique number which is exactly equivalent to an engraved number.

It is resistant to high temperature, submersion in water and corrosion.

Zero faults after several years of intensive use with the Marine Commandos.

They are small in size and come in various shapes to enable them to be fitted to all types of equipment (harnesses, PPI, weapons, vests, binoculars, telescopes, designators, carabiners…)


Designed for small spaces, these are often fitted in the butts of weapons.

Dimensions : 66 x 4 mm
Material : FR4


Pucetag is used on most types of equipment due to its size and design. Its performance is improved when it is inserted in metal parts.

Dimensions : Ø10 x 1,5 mm


This is a self-adhesive RFID tag, the materials and dimensions of which make it ideal for use on all non-metal containers (Pelicase, UC…).

Dimensions : 73 x 8 mm
Material : PET



The TexTag has been specially designed for fabric equipment (vests, bags…).

Dimensions : 59 x 20 mm
Material : Polyester


BE-weapon has studied hundreds of types of weapons and equipment to date.

All new types of equipment are given a quick check to determine the best model of tag to be used and the best location to fit it.

A tag-fitting sheet is then created enabling users to follow the implementation guidelines.